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#1 : 21/10-14 13:47
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First of all, i would like to thank you for this wonderfull software !!!

I'm missing a functionnality which is to sort your files with 2 columns (primary key for example the directory and secondary key for example the file name ... )

I tried to sort the 1 column then an other one. In this case i lose the benefit of the order of the 1rst column. (the files appear in a random orders)

Is-ti possible to add this functionnality ?

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21/10-14 13:47
#2 : 27/10-14 22:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Unfortunately it is not easy to add sorting on multiple columns. It might require that I replace the listview with some other visual component. This is a difficult and time consuming task so I don't know if it is worth it. There is also the risk of introducing new problems.

27/10-14 22:08