Problem with EXIF date in Adobe DNG files

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#1 : 10/11-14 23:17
Alan Humphries
Alan Humphries
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I have a large number of DNG files for which I want to alter the Field "Creation date" to the Date Taken in the EXIF data. I want to use this as a basis for sorting and moving into directories.

In the file listing inside Advanced Renamer the Date Taken column is blank and I cannot make the date change happen.

I have tried using the Settings dialogue to alter the date field to all threee options given but there is no change. I have b een successful in using theEXIF tool to include the Date Taken into the FileName but that's not quite the result that I need.

While this is very frustrating, I would like to say that Advanced Renamer is a very useful utility and I am grateful to yo for providing it.

Any thoughts on a solution to this problem?


Alan Humphries

10/11-14 23:17
#2 : 15/11-14 11:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer doesn't have native support for DNG files. This is why the Date Taken field is blank. Your only solution is to use ExifTool. I might be able to reconfigure Advanced Renamer to use ExifTool to retrieve date/time when performing date/time batches in Advanced Renamer. This will require a new release. But a new release is due anyway.

15/11-14 11:08
#3 : 27/12-14 14:49
Peter Miller
Peter Miller
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I would like to see this too -- the ability to use the 'Date Taken' field to list photo files in 'Date Taken' order.

This would be very useful for moving photo files between different devices. The 'Date Created' field is merely when the file entered each particular device, which is not useful. What's needed is a way to retain the 'Date Taken' order regardless of which devices the photos are migrated to.

I think everyone who takes pictures could use this capability.

27/12-14 14:49
#4 : 05/01-15 12:48
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Me too... Maybe EXIFTool can do this using a commandline instruction, but I wouldn't which one to use.
That aside, I prefer a Windows interface.

Have not found another tool moving files to folders based on EXIF date with support to RAW files.


05/01-15 12:48