Problems reading the Date Taken field.

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#1 : 16/01-15 00:21
Will Radie
Will Radie
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I was recently using AdvancedRenamer 3.61 (or 3.60.. I forget which it was) and I ran into a small issue with the program seemingly having an issue with the Date Taken fields being read correctly (they were off by an hour). I noticed that my version of the program was not up to date, so I thought updating would solve my problem...

I updated to the current version (3.65), while at the same time, I also discovered that my original problem (the hour off thing) was due to my error and not the program. So I went ahead and tried to rename a patch of photos, only to discover that the Date Taken field was not being read by the program.

Everything was exactly as it was (to my eye anyway) from the 3.61 version (which was reading the Date Taken field correctly), only now AdvancedRenamer was not reading the Date Taken field. I double checked that the Date Taken field still contained the data and it did... AdvancedRenamer was just not seeing it somehow..

I have included a screenshot that displays a good example of what I am talking about... It shows the properties (with the Date Taken field clearly filled in) while also showing that AdvancedRenamer is not grabbing it.

Any help is appreciated.

Image Link (PhotoBucket): die/example_zps4ce11822.png

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#2 : 16/01-15 00:44
Will Radie
Will Radie
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For anyone reading this, that has a similar problem...

I downgraded back to the older version and it seems to work..

Odd that the newer version broke the Date Taken field... then again, I have seen a similar issue here on the forums.

16/01-15 00:44
#3 : 21/02-15 11:35
Björn Clemenson
Björn Clemenson
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Thanks, I just also found this bug and was searching for a solution. Will now downgrade.

21/02-15 11:35
#4 : 21/02-15 13:27
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Weird ...

It has nothing to do with DST ?

Seems there is something with the filesystem as well (NTFS vs FAT)

Tried out myself with v3.65
but I can't see any differences.

Of course you have set Advanced Renamer->Program->Options, tab:Image Files
Exif field for image.... [Date digitized]
Though, I am not entirely sure about the difference between date taken and date digitized.
Seems to be the same to me.


21/02-15 13:27