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#1 : 27/01-15 04:00
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I have been using AR for a while now and absolutely LOVE IT. It is so unbelievably superior to the the other renaming apps I've tried I can't believe it.

I am having a weird issue with it though and I can't figure out what is causing it. I have AR installed on my primary system and one of the very useful functions it does is when you use the contect menu item in explorer it loads the selected files into the open instance of AR. I just installed AR on my other system which is the same version of windows (7 Ultimate). When I select the "Add To Advanced Renamer" item in the context menu of explorer on this system though instead of loading the selected files into the open instance of AR it will instead start another instance of AR ignoring the already running instance.

The thing I don't understand is why this is happening on this new machine but not on my first machine. I installed the new version of AR v3.65 on the new machine but had v3.64 on my other machine so I thought maybe that was the difference but I uninstalled v3.65 and installed v3.64 and it's still doing the same thing.

Any suggestions?


27/01-15 04:00
#2 : 28/01-15 20:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Based on your explanation it sounds like you are running 32 bit version of Windows 7 on one machine and 64 bit version of Windows 7 on the other. It is only possible to add the files to the existing instance on 32 bit Windows. On 64 bit Windows it will open a new instance. This is because Advanced Renamer is only compiled into a 32 bit executable. Usually is makes no difference if you use 32 bit or 64 bit, but here there is a little difference.

28/01-15 20:26
#3 : 29/01-15 04:45
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Actually I'm running the 64 bit version of w7 Ultimate on both machines.

29/01-15 04:45