Take an action at the point of a case change (no space)?

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#1 : 27/01-15 22:52
Jack Dresty
Jack Dresty
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Is there a way to take an action at the point of a case change?
e.g. If you have:
and want to change them to:
-Big Dog (or Dog-is-Big, etc)
-Small Horse
How do we ask A.R. to look for the case change? Either this is simple or impossible. Note in my example the case change is with NO space, but rather adjacent letters. - Thanks!

27/01-15 22:52
#2 : 28/01-15 20:17
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
There is no simple way to do this, but try this:

Add the Replace Method and configure it like this:
Text to be replaced: ([A-Z])([a-z])
Replace with: \1\2
Case sensitive: Checked
Use regular expressions: checked

Note: Replace with has a space in front of \1\2

The above configuration will insert a space in front of every upper case character which is followed by a lowercase character.

28/01-15 20:17