Sort By "Date Taken" from RAW files.

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#1 : 11/02-15 14:11
Koray Ustuner
Koray Ustuner
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I'am Photographer and using latest version of Advanced Renamer (3.65). I use multiple cameras in event same time and easyly sort the JPEG files by date taken and rename them from order. However, when I shoot raw (Nikon D700 and D800 Camera NEF files) the software can not recognise when the photos taken. So could you please add to date taken support on NEF files?
If you want, you can get this sample Nikon D800 Raw file to see what the problem is: D7602.NEF
Thank you.

11/02-15 14:11
#2 : 21/02-15 16:03
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I am not sure if Advanced Renamer can do it, don't think so.

There are two options
a. a two step way, that is free of charge
b. payware, like EXIF Date Changer Pro (which is around € 20) and userfriendly

The free of charge way - use Exiftool but also use ExiftoolGUI

-download Exiftool
-extract the tool (exiftool(-k).exe in a folder
-change name into exiftool.exe
-download exiftoolgui and put the exe in the exiftool folder
-run exiftoolgui

use modify, exif:date time shift, tag all items, but nothing in the 'shift amount'box.

then run advanced renamer, timestamp, apply to : tag all, tag modified date and time.
for me this works.

likely the payware is much more usersfriendly though :-)

see attachment.

good luck

21/02-15 16:03
#3 : 05/05-17 07:33
Acton Albert
Acton Albert
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Don't worry as your this issue will be fixed by some short methods.
Method 1: Update the software that you are using to a new version.
Method 2: Also upgrade the firmware of your camera.
Method 3: Reset your camera to default factory settings:
There is the two button reset (press the two buttons that have a green dot by them on the top of the camera for 2 seconds). You can also reset the shooting menu and the custom menu manually in the menus.
Method 4: Use Nikon D700 Manual- nual&po=4322&lang=English for more better results.

05/05-17 07:33