Can Advanced renaimer get information from the file name or the meta data of the file?

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#1 : 22/02-15 20:45
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Is it possible to get Advanced renaimer to get info from the file name or the meta data of the file?

I need to rename a lot of sound files which are named as the following examples.
0017.DSG_DECD_HMS_15_ 0_ 0__DMY_ 3_ 9_14
0019.DSG_DECD_HMS_16_ 0_ 0__DMY_ 3_ 9_14

I need them to be renamed to


I have tried the 3 standard option, but they do not connect to the correct name tags:
Date/Time Tags
Date/Time Modified Tags
Date /Time Created Tags

The sound files were recorded at sea and the data logger assigns the names for each file. When the logger is retrieved the files are converted (from DSG format to Wav) and the date/time modified is the date where the batch of files were converted.

For now I have been able to set up this script
<Year Modified>0903_150000
But I will have to change the time and the date manually for each file and knowing the power of Advanced renaimer, it feels like there is a better way.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.

22/02-15 20:45
#2 : 26/03-15 15:52
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try following script (APPLIED TO "File and Extension"):
- the renaming of the file-extension fails, maybe an AR bug.
Maybe renaming of the extension in an other step.
Hope it helps.

var nName = ""; // new name
var nExt = ""; // new extension (with trailing .)
var oName =; // original name
var oExt = item.extension;// original extension (contains trailing .)

//concatenating new name
nName = "20";
nName += oExt.substr(34,2); //YY
nName += oExt.substr(31,2); //MM
nName += oExt.substr(28,2); //DD
nName += "_";

//filling with leading zeros
nName = nName.replace(/ /g,"0"); //replace ALL " " with 0

//new extension of the file
//nExt = ".wav"; //fails ?-(
nExt = oExt; //workaround

//end: returning new name and extension
return nName+nExt;


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#3 : 01/04-15 08:35
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and, if your File-Creation-Tag is correct, you can do it very simple:

New Name, Apply to Name:
<Year Created><Month Created><Day Created>_<Hour Created><Min Created><Sec Created>


01/04-15 08:35