Bug report: long sequence of digits

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#1 : 25/02-15 18:43
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I wanted to rename a bunch of files, and when I tried to add them I got a message

"795611793451231202618932" is not a valid integer value.

Indeed there's a file in the list with a filename "317059342_1be59d795611793451231202618932.jpg", which contains that "number". Apparently Advanced Renamer tries to convert any sequence of digits to a number, and this one is obviously too long. I'm not sure why it tries this, but I think it should ignore sequences which are too long to convert to a number.

25/02-15 18:43
#2 : 05/03-15 08:46
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
For some reason, Advanced Renamer tries to convert a representation of a number in the file to an actual number and gets hit by the limit of length of the number. I don't know why it tries to convert the string to a number, but it could be because you have chosen to sort on the field containing the value.

I have noted the bug and will fix it soon.

05/03-15 08:46