Limit file name (including its folder path) to 256 char

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#1 : 26/02-15 14:38
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Any idea how to limit the file name (including its folder path) to 256 char? I'm having problem syncing to my One Drive due to "file name is too long". The library I'm trying to sync has 100s of files/folders with many levels of sub-folders.

Any suggestions?

26/02-15 14:38
#2 : 01/03-15 08:13
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Reply to #1:

Maybe you cud use the option Remove ?

remove count 10000
starting at 75
(filename shortened to 75 characters)

See attachment

alternatively, maybe this will help...

else you may wish to divert to payware like e-too-long-software

good luck.

01/03-15 08:13