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#1 : 20/03-15 22:35
Roland Toth
Roland Toth
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First of all thanks for Advanced Renamer, it is among the best of renamers (if not the best).

I haven't find info on using the last two characters of the current year: "15" as of "2015".

Is there any way to do it (apart from scripts)? If no, any chance of adding such a feature?
(perhaps a general solution would be the best, eg. extending the Substr method to accept built-in tags too).

20/03-15 22:35
#2 : 27/03-15 20:10
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You can do that. Just use the year tag like this: <Year:XX>
That will insert 15 instead of 2015

27/03-15 20:10
#3 : 07/04-15 19:26
Roland Toth
Roland Toth
Posts: 3
Reply to #2:

This works, thanks!

In the meantime I discovered that if I add an extra Replace (2015->15) to the end of the method list, all occurences of 2015 will be replaced. But of course <Year:XX> is much nicer.

07/04-15 19:26