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#1 : 24/03-15 17:42
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I'm trying to rename several hundred thousand folders.

Just testing with one set I've already run into a problem.

The folder structure looks something like this.

00001 - {00002} - Job name
> 2015-03-24
>> 00001 - {00002} - work bin
>>> 01
>>> 02
>>> 03
>> 00001 - scene 1
>>> extras
>>> selected
>>>> review
>> 00001 - scene 2
>>> extras
>>> selected
>>>> review

In my initial rename attempt, folders that were not the bottom layer folder in their respective locations did not rename. I had been trying to:
replace " - " with "-"
strip out the curly brackets,
replace all spaces with _
change all letters to lower case.

In that order.

I restarted the program and ran the request again, and all files renamed except for the ones that had {}

I've tried several times to rename those 2 folders and I can't seem to touch them. It won't even work when I limit the rename action to just take one of the above mentioned actions.

once I load the paths into advanced renamer their locations become locked (advanced renamer reports an unknown error) and I am unable to change their names manually in windows explorer until I shut down the advanced renamer software. (the folder is open in another program)

How do I keep advanced renamer from caching into the folders I'm trying to rename?
(These files are located on an office San, not my local drives, I know that causes funny caching issues at times)

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#2 : 27/03-15 20:12
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Renaming folders can be tricky. You cannot renaming both parent and child folders in one batch and if any files are open in one of the folders or child folders the rename will fail.I will recommend to only rename one level and to keep the rename simple.

27/03-15 20:12