replacing file names for multi-selected files

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#1 : 28/12-10 20:04
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I have a large directory of files and find the thumbnail gridview useful to sort and view the files. However, when I select specific files in the grid list (using shift- and ctrl- keys) the renaming gets applied to all files in the directory. Is there a way to only rename the files that are currently selected in the grid?

28/12-10 20:04
#2 : 30/12-10 14:58
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
At the moment it is not possible to only rename some of the files. All files in the list will be renamed. But I have noted your feature request and I will consider implementing it. The feature will have a huge impact on the behavior of the program so I have to be sure it is worth the trouble of implementing it.

30/12-10 14:58