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#1 : 13/01-11 12:53
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Up front: I think Advanced Renamer is a great tool!

Many possibilities and combinations etc. can be added to the Pattern window panel.

I have just create a few, but think, over time, the window will be a bit too small and users have to scroll up and down to find the pattern they want to use (and saved).

A 'humble' suggestion from a newbie: maybe make this panel resizable... ?

This is no criticisme, just a suggestion!

13/01-11 12:53
#2 : 26/01-11 19:29
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
That is very valid request. It is easy to make a window resizable is easy so I will do that. I might also make the default size of the window larger.

If you have made some useful patterns you would like to share I would happily include them if they are usefull for others.

26/01-11 19:29