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#1 : 15/01-11 14:54
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When copying files, folder dates are set to the date of copying.

In my case the original date is in the name of the folder.

foldername: x:\foldername-bla-bla-11jan2011
folderdate : 13-01-2011

I want to redate the folder, back to 11 jan 2011.

Does AR offer this possibility ?

Thank you!

15/01-11 14:54
#2 : 26/01-11 19:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It does not offer that possibility. What do you use the folder date for?

26/01-11 19:26
#3 : 26/01-11 21:08
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I have been looking all over Internet. Though some other people are asking for something similar, sofar there are no programs (exce[t maybe dirdate?) are offering this.

When one is changing anything in a folder, the folderdate changes.

You have a number of folders with photos. The folderdate follows the date you have downloaded the files from your camera.

At one point in time you go on and start renaming the files.
Vacation-so-and-so-in Blabla-Imgday-IMGmth-IMGyear.jpg
Folderdate changes and sorting of folders has become a problem.

It would be great if the folderdate cud be 're-set' to let's say the oldest filedate in folder.
Or, alternatively, in 2 runs, change modified, access, create date of files to be the same as Exif-digitized date and then reset folderdate to oldest modified date of files in folder.

However.. I think right now, there is hardly any so-called attribute changer that can do it.

Recently I gave some attribute changer a try, now some 30-40 folders have the same date... (my fault, should have tested it on some testfolders).

Don't spend time on this, as said, it is too complicated I guess. Other improvements have a higher priority.


26/01-11 21:08