Feature request: Ability to make program window smaller

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#1 : 21/01-11 20:49
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It would be very helpful to be able to make the program window smaller to take up less space on the screen.

The column on the left (containing Renaming method list, and Add batch method) takes up about 320 pixels of space all the time, even when the user does not need it. For example I often use one preset batch method so most of the time I do not need to use the items in that column at all. Perhaps you could allow the column to be minimized to the left of the program window? Or perhaps put a button in the menu bar which toggles the column on and off?

Also the program window seems to have a minimum vertical size of about 370 pixels. That is enough space for 12 rows of files in the Details view. Often times the batches I rename are only 5 or 6 files, so it would be nice to be able to make the program window smaller vertically to take up even less space on my screen.

Following are some images to demonstrate...

Here is what Advanced Renamer looks like on my computer now:

Here is a mock-up showing what it might look like with the column minimized to the left:

Here is a mock-up showing what it might look like with the column minimized, and window vertically resized smaller:

Thank you for your consideration,

21/01-11 20:49
#2 : 26/01-11 19:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have never heard anybody complain about the program taking up to much space on the screen. But I do understand your desire to remove the parts you don't use and only concentrate on the needed features.
What screen resolution do you use on your computer?

I cannot promise I will do anything about it but I will consider it and try to make the user interface more customizable.

26/01-11 19:23
#3 : 26/01-11 21:18
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@Michael, up front, I donot want to offend you...
Sometimes, posts can sound a bit harsh, but I don't want to sound that way, right?

Frankly, I think it is matter of taste.

I must say that I like the current layout. Hopefully, should Kim decide to develop a different layout, he will build in an option to allow users to select the default layout.

26/01-11 21:18
#4 : 28/01-11 15:56
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Hello Kim,

Thank you for the reply.

My post was not intended as a complaint, but as a request for something which would make the program even better (in my use, anyway). Thank you for understanding my desire to concentrate on the needed features.

The resolution of my screen is 1680x1050. Advanced Renamer at a size of about 860x372 therefore takes up more than 1/6 of my entire screen. In my work I need many windows open on the screen simultaneously, which is why being able to reduce the window size of Advanced Renamed would be so helpful.

I appreciate your honesty about whether or not you will do anything about this. In a different post you told arwul "It is easy to make a window resizable" so I hope that you will make the entire program window resizable smaller, even if you do not make it possible to minimize the left column.

Thank you for your consideration.

28/01-11 15:56
#5 : 28/01-11 16:13
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Hello arwul,

Thank you, I am not offended, and I never intend to offend either, but understand that sometimes posts can be interpreted differently by the one reading.

I agree somewhat that it is a matter of personal taste. Every program has things about it which one might like or dislike; things which one might find helpful or unhelpful.

I think it is also a matter of how each person uses the program. Perhaps for most users the current minimum size is good, but in my use the large size of the program window unfortunately makes the use less efficient. It is not a severe problem, it would simply be helpful to make a smaller size possible. For now I can drag the Advanced Renamer window partly off the left side of my screen so that only the right area of the program is visible. :-)

Just to be clear, I'm not asking Kim to change the default layout to how I want, but simply to give the users the ability to further reduce the (vertical) size of the entire program window, and the *option* to minimize (or turn on/off) the left column.

28/01-11 16:13