Create Folders after EXIF date

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#1 : 23/01-11 09:53
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Feature Request:

I store my images in folders named after 'digitized-date' in the following format: \yyyy-mm-dd

When downloading images from my camera, they are initially stored in 1 folder.

I would like to have Advanced Renamer to do the following:

- create foldernames based on exif-date (in above format)
- move the respective files to those folders
- change folder dates based on exif date digitized (first date/time found)
if necessary:
- redate the modified date of the moved files to exif-date time digitized

I am not sure if this is too complicated :-)


23/01-11 09:53
#2 : 26/01-11 18:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It is not too complicated. I will work on a solution that will fit your needs.

26/01-11 18:59
#3 : 13/02-13 22:09
Raj LP
Raj LP
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Hi, was there ever a solution found to this?

13/02-13 22:09
#4 : 14/02-13 08:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #3:
When using copy or move mode it is possible to create new folders on-the-fly by using the image date tags ( image). The tags can be used in the folder path edit box when the program is set to copy or move mode.

14/02-13 08:35