Changing the datestamp on files based in foldername?

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#1 : 03/02-11 04:20
Mikael Guggenheim
Mikael Guggenheim
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I have a lot of pictures and photos on my computer.

I have sorted them all by putting them in folders named after the date they where taken.

As an example, a photo taken 22 jan 2011 lies in a folder named 2011-01-22.

The problem I have with all these photos is that a lot of them don't have the right timestamp. Some because they where taken with a a camera that hadn't had the time configured, some because they come from picture-cds and so on.

Is there any way to make this superb program get the dates from the foldernamne and change the date on the files?

I have over 19k fotos from 2001 and forward so it's a major work to change em all by myself, even when marking all photos in per folder and changing it by hand its a lot.


03/02-11 04:20
#2 : 03/02-11 08:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have placed your request on my todo list for the upcoming 3.0 release of Advanced Renamer. I expect a beta version to be released within two weeks.

Is it only dates you want? Or do you also want to grab the time from the folder name?

03/02-11 08:08
#3 : 05/02-11 12:54
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Do you think this is possible...?

Taking the date from a foldername and use that for redating the folder?

Will Advanced Renamer 'recognize' the format used as foldername?



05/02-11 12:54
#4 : 06/02-11 20:52
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I hope to be able to recognize the format of the date in the file- or foldername with some regular expression. I don't know yet how cool and how easy it will be to use.

06/02-11 20:52