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#1 : 17/05-15 13:46
Ralf Zrenner
Ralf Zrenner
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if i use

<Img Year>-<Img Month:00>-<Img Day>

in the "new name" method the wrong date is taken.


an jpg file with
creation date: 16. May 2015
changing date: 17. May 2015
last access date: 16. May 2015
AND (in the details tab of the files properties) at 'source/origin (?)'
(photo) record date: 15.05.2015

it would be expected that with <Img Year>-<Img Month:00>-<Img Day>
the date will be 2015-05-15 [record date] , BUT it is 2015-05-17 [changing date]

Sorry if the (date) notations are not exactly as in english systems because i only have
a german windows 7.


17/05-15 13:46
#2 : 19/05-15 22:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
JPEG files can contain several time values. In the settings dialog you can chose which value your would like to use.

19/05-15 22:59