How to use Video "Media Created" date?

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#1 : 27/05-15 06:40
Sam M
Sam M
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I'm renaming all our photos and videos to the date/time taken.

<date created> refers to the file, that has been moved around and recreated several that's not accurate.

<date modified> is also messed up.

The video file details show an accurate "Media Created" date, but I don't see that as an option in AdvancedRenamer.

Is it possible to use the Media Created date?

27/05-15 06:40
#2 : 27/05-15 21:02
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you don't find a tag for it, you can use the ExifTool to extract the metadata from the file: ool

27/05-15 21:02
#3 : 28/05-15 09:08
Sam M
Sam M
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That is awesome! Thank you.

28/05-15 09:08