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#1 : 28/05-15 08:16
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I'm trying to rename some files to crc32 since MD5 is too long and ugly to look at. Basically the filename would be: Date modified year-month-day_hour-minute-second [CRC32]
e.g. 20150319_174233 [1B936F45]
Any way to do this? Using a script or something?

Also a way to rename the files to Unix time would be great too.

28/05-15 08:16 - edited 28/05-15 08:25
#2 : 16/06-15 09:41
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I agree CRC 32 regardless of not being the most secure checksum method is perfect for doing something like file names it's short simple and fairly almost unique but still very usable and invaluable.

I'll donate $20 for this feature to be added. You should have my email so if/when you do add this I'll be sure to send you some money.

16/06-15 09:41
#3 : 16/06-15 22:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Both your requests have been noted and might get included in an upcoming release.

16/06-15 22:35