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#1 : 06/06-15 22:39
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This is the message I receive when I try to start the program: "Exception EReadError in module ARen.exe at 00057F74. Error reading treeAddFolderTree.Indent: Access violation at address 00408B3B in module 'ARen.exe'. Read of address 00000023.".
Program worked perfectly till the other day. As far as I know I didn't uninstall anything. Please help me!

06/06-15 22:39
#2 : 06/06-15 23:12
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There was a long thread about this error a couple of months ago. Try re-installing AR. um_id=2050

Backup your data before you do that.
c:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\appdata\Roaming\Hulubulu\Advanced Renamer 3

06/06-15 23:12