Help, adding same word at end of files?

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#1 : 09/06-15 20:28
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Hi, great software, can anyone help me?

I want to add "(Live)" to my live mp3 files that are live albums. (Or to put another way, I want to add the same word at the end of each file with a space.

For example:
Track 1 (Live)
Track excample (Live)
Track mrsmith123 (Live).

Many thanks, this will be useful for me when I see the same track when searching between studio and live versions.


09/06-15 20:28
#2 : 10/06-15 09:54
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Use the method 'Add' with the following settings:

Add: <space>(Live)
At index: 0
Backwards: Tick
Apply to: Name

(where <space> is a space character).

10/06-15 09:54