remove the first [x] chars, replace with incremental numbers?

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#1 : 14/06-15 21:13
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Hi, first off thanks for a great app.

I don't even know if this is possible, but I'm working through thousands of music files (albums) and for most I need to change the format of the track number before the name.


1.stevie wonder...
2.stevie wonder...
3.stevie wonder...

I'd like to remove everything before 'stevie' and replace it with incrementing numbers in this exact format:

01 - stevie wonder...
02 - stevie wonder...
03 - stevie wonder...

(i'm only concerned with the numbering before the file name). So, I'm looking to do the <2 digit number>, <space><dash><space><filename>

is this possible? thanks.

14/06-15 21:13
#2 : 15/06-15 22:18
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Reply to #1:

Try these two methods combined:
1) Remove pattern
Pattern: ^\d+\.
Use regular expressions: Tick
Note: this removes the unwanted 'digit(s) dot' prefix.

2) Add pattern
Add: <Inc Nr:01> -
Index: 1
Note: this adds a two digit sequence followed by <space><dash><space>

15/06-15 22:18