I can no longer make new subfolders for my songs

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#1 : 25/06-15 07:01
Constantino Flouras
Constantino Flouras
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Hello, I'm trying to sort my MP3 files such that they are organized in subfolders. I had a script that worked perfectly, but it happened to be cleared because of a system crash. I can no longer find a copy of this and the method that I remember no longer works.

This is the script I am using under the "New Name" box:
<ID3 Artist>\<ID3 Album>\<ID3 Track> - <ID3 Title>

The error that I get is that the new filename cannot have a /\ character in it, even though those characters should represent a new directory, not be part of the filename.

It also thinks the filename I want to set is "artist\album\number - songtitle", rather than just "number - songtitle".

How can I move these files into brand new subfolders?

Edit: I love how literally a minute later I figure out the solution: Change the Output Folder on the top bar to <ID3 Artist>\<ID3 Album>\, and set the New Name to <ID3 Track> - <ID3 Title>

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