Feature Request: Settings: Add files after rename

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#1 : 20/03-11 08:06
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Once in a while I wish to do a 2nd rename on the same files.
When "Auto close progress window" in Settings is tagged, the options in the progress window (with "Total amount of files", "Errors found") will not show up.

In this pop-up window, there is a kind of "Add files" selection.
Add files:
-Files that could be renamed
-Files that could not be renamed
-All files

Would like to suggest to have this opton also available in settings.
Something like

After rename add files
[_] None
[_] Files that could be renamed
[_] Files that could not be renamed
[X] All files

Hope I will get some support on this suggestion from other users :-))



20/03-11 08:06
#2 : 21/03-11 20:40
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I will take it into consideration.

21/03-11 20:40