Minor improvement on "Customize Columns"

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#1 : 20/03-11 08:12
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This is just a small improvement on selecting columns.
When selecting columns uses have to click on Customize Columns again and again to select other columns.

What about not closing this drop down selection panel, until the
user clicks anywhere else outside the selection panel.

So users can select/deselect columns one after the other and once done click outside the drop down panel, instead of clicking on the customize columns button each time.


20/03-11 08:12
#2 : 21/03-11 20:42
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The menu component used is a some what standard component which does not allow the menu to stay open after an item has been clicked. If you want to enable more than one column, you should click the Customize Columns item and use the columns window instead.

21/03-11 20:42
#3 : 26/03-11 12:31
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Ahum... Arggh...!

What a shame...

Of course. Sorry...

26/03-11 12:31