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#1 : 22/03-11 10:07
Erik Schutte
Erik Schutte
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First of I love your program, I use it for various tasks.
Second I have a question about the slow analyzing of in this case TIF files.
It seems like the program looks very deep into the TIF files extracting all kinds of information. This causes the analyzing phase to take very long after selecting folders with the TIF files.

If for instance I convert the TIF files to PDF, then the program is quick as lightning. Analyzing them takes only a few seconds.
Is there a way to turn off the in depth analyzing for images?
I only want to use the program to rename the files and not do anything with the image information otherwise. Working with TIF files of 100MB each will take a while otherwise.

Thank you in advanced for your help.

22/03-11 10:07
#2 : 27/03-11 12:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
TIF files are generally large and slow which will also impact the performance of analyzing the files in Advanced Renamer. When adding the files the program will show two progress windows in sequence. First the add progress bar window which should be fast and then the slower analyzing progress bar window. If you click cancel while the files are analyzed the files are still added to the list and you can work with them but without the extended image information. I don't remember however, if the program will do a final analysis of the files before the actual rename. If the files are located on a network drive it will also impact performance significantly.

27/03-11 12:23