Massive Problem with Auto-Test / Test Batch

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#1 : 02/09-15 17:09
Ralf Zrenner
Ralf Zrenner
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there is a big problem when you read in a lot of files (100+) and use a renaming like

[PCh] PRIVAT -- Verkauf (eBay) - [PCh] <DirName:1> -[Orginal]Bild_<Inc NrDir:1> (<Img Width>x<Img Height>px, 24bit, <ExifTool:XResolution>dpi) [de] [<Img Year>-<Img Month>-<Img Day>]

Even if i deactivate "Auto Test" and remove all marks from all files and then only mark the
first file in the list - by clicking on "Test Batch" Advanced Renamer tries to test ALL NAMES
(files) with the EXIFtool and not only the first (marked) one.
In my task manager i can see that "ARen.exe" opens at least 2 "ExifTool.exe" tasks again and
again. So i must kill Advanced Renamer in the task manager because the "Testing Names..."
would presumably last several hours when an <ExifTool> tag is used.

Please remove this bug.

Greetings from Germany

02/09-15 17:09