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#1 : 14/09-15 09:45
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Hi there

I have file names:

X1 Y1 IF1
X1 Y1 IF2
X2 Y1 IF1
X2 Y1 IF2
X3 Y1 IF1
X3 Y2 IF2
X1 Y2 IF1
X1 Y2 IF2
X2 Y2 IF1
X2 Y2 IF2
X3 Y2 IF1
X3 Y2 IF2

basically it is Xn Yn (n is the incremental number)

I want to rename it to:

X1 Y1 IF1 ---->1 IF1
X1 Y1 IF2 ----> 1 IF2
X2 Y1 IF1 ----> 2 IF1
X2 Y1 IF2 ----> 2 IF2
X3 Y1 IF1 ----->3 IF1
X3 Y2 IF2 ---->3 IF2
X1 Y2 IF1 ----->4 IF1
X1 Y2 IF2 ---->4 IF2
X2 Y2 IF1 ---->5 IF1
X2 Y2 IF2 ----> 5 IF2
X3 Y2 IF1 ----> 6 IF1
X3 Y2 IF2 -----> 6 IF2

Xn Yn IF1 ----> n IF1

basically replacing Xn Yn with n (n is the incremental number)

How can I do it with the software?

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#2 : 16/09-15 09:17
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Anyone can help?

16/09-15 09:17