A few feature requests

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#1 : 29/03-11 03:02
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Thanks for this great software Kim. I have recently tried out several multi-file renaming utilities, and yours is one of the ones I like the best.

What do you think of these suggestions:

1) If there's nothing to undo, then gray out the "Undo Previous Batch" button.

2) Sometimes a renaming method will not change all the files in the list. It would be nice if the program could indicate which files would be changed and which wouldn't. Like show the files that will be changed in one color, and show the files that won't be changed in a different color.

3) How about making the checkbox its own column, instead of being part of the Filename column? I've tried moving the Path column all the way to the left, but it won't let me move it to the left of the Filename column.

29/03-11 03:02
#2 : 02/04-11 11:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:

I will take your requests into consideration when working on a later release.

It is difficult to make the checkbox its own column without over engineering a lot of other things. The Filename columns has to be the first column. There are several technical benefits of this design.

02/04-11 11:35