How to remove MFT numbers in parentheses at end of file first name, like "explorer(2374).exe"?

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#1 : 28/10-15 19:48
Peter Blaise
Peter Blaise
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. v3.66 expression

[ (\d+) ] supposedly =

= find "parentheses" [ ( ) ] and

= "any number of digits in between" [ \d+ ] to remove ...

= remove parentheses and the number / digits contained within.

Nope, doesn't work.

My intention is to apply to an entire disk partition directory structure from root ...

... but I have to limit it to only a few directories at a time because Advanced Renamer only handles 20,000 files at a time -- it has it's limits.

Using the ONE command above -- [ (\d+) ] -- all I can get it to do is remove the FIRST parentheses, not the number in between, not the second parentheses.

I tried two [ Remove Patterns ] to get rid of both parentheses -- that works.

The web For Advanced Renamer help says use [ \d+ ] to remove a sequence of digits -- there are anywhere from 1 to 6 digits -- nope, nothing happens when I put [ \d+ ] between parentheses to also be deleted.

Okay, if I ...

1 - load only files matching pattern [ *(*).* ], it misses some matching files - why?

2 - remove [ ( ]

3 - remove [ ) ]

4 - remove regular expression [ \d ]

... it wants to work,

.. but "Cannot make a visible window modal"

-- probably an ownership problem trying to fix a drive from another computer,

... so I run

[ icacls *.* /grant "local account":(f) /t /c /l /q ]

... from the root of the drive at the command prompt ...

... but I still get many files that won't submit themselves to automatic renaming, drat ...

... and Advanced Renamer as implemented in 1, 2, 3 above wants to remove numbers OUTSIDE the parentheses, like the ubiquitous "32" and "64" in so many files!

So I have to scroll up and down each loaded list from each directory pass to manually [ Spacebar ] to deselect files with numbers OUTSIDE the parentheses -- I'll fix them later by some other method IF someone responds to this post (I'd hate to do it manually!).

If I manually add [ Local Account ] as the security in EACH file, it SOMETIMES works to have Advanced Renamer remove the parentheses and numbers.

Sometimes fails.

Don't ask how I've got 91,027 files renamed with MFT file number in parentheses at the end of the filename firstname, such as

[ explorer(2384).exe ]

How did this happen?

How to undo or reinstall W8.1?

Can anyone imagine a way to AUTOMATICALLY strip the parenthese and the contents of the parentheses off the end of 91,027 files WITHOUT stripping numbers OUTSIDE the parentheses?

Can't boot in any mode but command prompt.

Can't "repair" from HD -- fails, "OS not found" of course, all files have the wrong names!

BootRec.exe says "N0 Windows installations found" of course, all file shave the wrong names!

Can't "upgrade in place" from boot CD because it says "run only from WORKING Windows".

Can only backup, wipe, and reinstall, and hope we can find install CDs and serial numbers for serial numbered software.

HELP, please.

I'll return the favor, I promise!

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#2 : 29/10-15 15:24
Peter Blaise
Peter Blaise
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Reply to #1:

Simply, how do I go from "explorer(2736).exe" to "explorer.exe"?

... bearing in mind, I have "library32(37628).dll" that I want as "library32.dll" not "library.dll".


PS -- 90,000 files misnames with numbers in parentheses -- what a mess!

29/10-15 15:24
#3 : 15/11-15 17:44
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #2:
Try this:

Use the remove method and configure it like this:
Pattern: \(\d+\)
Use regular expressions: Checked
Apply to: Name

I think what you have done wrong is to use ( and ) in a regular expression without escaping. ( and ) are reserved for grouping in regular expressions. This is why you need to escape.

15/11-15 17:44