Photo renaming with HDR

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#1 : 29/10-15 15:37
Jacob Hamacher
Jacob Hamacher
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I really like this software!

Almost all my pictures are duplicates nowadays because of iPhones ability to save one picture with HDR and one without.

I would like the picture that was taken with HDR to have the string "HDR" in its filename. Is this possible?


29/10-15 15:37
#2 : 15/11-15 17:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Unfortunately different cameras store the HDR value differently in the Exif Metadata. For iPhone you can find information in the HDRImageType value. This is not natively supported by Advanced Renamer so you will need to use ExifTool. You can use the tag like this:

<ExifTool:HDRImageType>: Will yield other "Original Image" or "HDR Image"

I would like to add native support for this, a tag like: <Img HDR> yielding either nothing or HDR. But I need to know how other cameras work.

15/11-15 17:35