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#1 : 06/11-15 12:23
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Im trying to organise my collection of photos, and have been a bit hit a miss with success, down do unknown error code 101. I have however put this down to file permission/access lists due to the moving of files across various pc's and servers over the years, which has resulted in a rather messy and inconsistent permissions list.

Ive ensured I have taken ownership of the folder and all contents, for my user account, which also has full admin rights, yet Im still getting errors trying to rename some files...

Any idea what permissions/access lists should be in place to allow AR to complete its renaming tasks, as I am convinced this is the issue..

I had hoped that putting myself as the owner, with full rights would work..

06/11-15 12:23
#2 : 15/11-15 16:40
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Are you renaming files or folders?

The error code 101 is yielded when Advanced Renamer is not allowed to rename the file. This is an error which is first revealed when the program attempt to do the actual rename or move operation. The most common cases for this error is insufficient file permissions or that the file is open by some other program.

When renaming folders you can also get this error when renaming both parent and subfolders in one single batch.

You can try to open Advanced Renamer as Administrator to give the program more permissions.

15/11-15 16:40