deleting specific range of files

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#1 : 10/11-15 06:17
Dilip Dabrai
Dilip Dabrai
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Please can Anybody help I have quite many folders in which I have huge amount of files.
majority of them have a (2),(3),(4) etc etc besides them which means they are duplicates is there anyway in AdvancedRenamer that I can isolate just those files which the brackets in them and delete them. If there is then I will save days and days probably months of work.
Would somebody be kind enough to guide me on this.
Thanks and God Bless

10/11-15 06:17
#2 : 15/11-15 16:27
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Advanced Renamer cannot be used for deleting files. You will have to use some other tool. You might be able to search for (2) in Windows Explorer, and delete those files. Then repeat for (3) and (4).

15/11-15 16:27