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#1 : 15/11-15 17:40
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The use of ExifTool is mostly meant to be a solution for those special needs which are not met by the program by itself. The problem with this is hat I don't know if heavy users of Advanced Renamer ditch the native tags and only use ExifTool.
I would like to ask users who use ExifTool with Advanced Renamer: Which tags do you use most often? And are there any tags you would like better implemented in Advanced Renamer?

15/11-15 17:40
#2 : 06/12-15 11:05
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I cannot describe my self as a heavy user of Advanced Renamer, yet..., as I have only recently started evaluating it. But your enquiry is timely.
The only reason I am even aware of Advanced Renamer is precisely because of its integration with ExifTool.
My proposed renaming scheme is based on a combination of "DateTimeOriginal" and "SubSecTimeOriginal". It is quite possible that I wont be using many of the native tags.
Yours is the only, non-professionally-priced, tool I am aware of to offer this level of detail.

But... Advanced Renamer is having problems and inconsistencies in this area (see separate post for details).

PS: If I ever get a camera with built-in GPS, I am very likely to be interested in the related tags.

06/12-15 11:05
#3 : 08/02-16 12:51
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nb: did already sent a detailed mail to on feb5,2016 w/o feedback yet.
I really appreciate your tool since many years but this time i have one issue.
The AdvancedRenamer added field "date de prise de vue" in french or Windows "datetimeoriginal" shows in fact the Windows "createddate".
nb: using ADOBE Photoshop Lightroom, I did adjusted the “datetimeoriginal” of a lot of pictures. And "createddate" is unchanged.

Bug or not? or please add this field ?

Due to urgency i did find an temporarely (?) alternative solution with Renamer (from where their added field is named "date exif" which is the Windows "datetimeoriginal" date.
Please advise.
Do not hesitate to contact me.
Best regards

08/02-16 12:51