Feature request: Rename with a part of the directory name!

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#1 : 07/04-11 19:34
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First of, i'm realy love your program! It's very nice and smarty ) Thank you for your work!

Second: It will be very nice to have a feature to take the part of directory name for included files instead of whole name and use it for the next usage (((.


Dir Name:
[name of torent-tracker]_Amazing Water Drops Wallpapers (1600x1200)
[name of torent-tracker]_ComputerDesktopWallpapers (07.04.11)
[Wallpapers]_Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (13.02.11)

I need to take every expression between "[]" like a "[name of torent-tracker]" and "[Wallpapers]" and place it in the filenames, i.e. <AddPartDirName:*_> will detect all letters before "_", and add this part to the filenames.

Sorry for my english, i have enough experience to understand, but not enough to speak correctly.

07/04-11 19:34
#2 : 12/04-11 13:43
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:

I will take your request under consideration when I develop the next release.

12/04-11 13:43