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#1 : 06/12-15 13:03
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I know from previous postings on the forum, and the changelog for 3.68, that there are known issues with ExifTool integration, the following is offered as possible additional diagnostics:

I am attempting to rename using either: <ExifTool:SubSecDateTimeOriginal>, or <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal><ExifTool:SubSecTimeOriginal>
The test data set is 1065 files, from a Nikon DSLR, spread across 32 folders.

With version 3.66, operations on single folders appear to be OK, but when selecting a folder tree the proposed new name for all files is simply ".JPG", with no name part, and all flagged as being in error.

With version 3.68, operations on single folders are unpredictable. Sometimes it'll go OK, but at other times the same folder will exhibit off-by-one issues (where 0002.jpg is renamed based on the fields in 0001.jpg, etc), with the first and last files in that folder reporting naming conflicts even though the timestamps are known to be unique. Any attempt to operate on a folder tree results in a permanently "not responding" (I've waited up to half an hour before killing it).

These issues appear to be specific to ExifTool in that I have seen nothing similar when using the programs default tags.

Hopefully this will help you find the root cause.

06/12-15 13:03
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Ignore this...was a mistake..

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