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#1 : 15/12-15 07:57
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Hi, All.
Please help me make batch rename directories with format:

[label] artist name - album (year)

"album" also can have round brackets inside.

I need rename like this:

artist name - year - album [label]

BTW, inside folders I have an Аudio mage with CUE files and pics.

I'm not programmer, I'm doctor :) Thank you.

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#2 : 15/12-15 10:54
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Clear the "Renaming Method list" and Add a "replace"

Text to be replaced:

Replace with:
\2- \4 - \3 \1

Make sure:
Occurrence: All
Case sensitive: unchecked
Use regular expressions: checked
Apply to: Name

According to what you said is the current folder layout, and how you want it renamed, that should work. If not, I'll check back here for any exceptions. ^^

I'm a programmer, not a doctor. =]

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#3 : 15/12-15 13:16
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WOW! Thank you! It's partialy work!
For example:
Original name:
[JCOA EOTH] Carla Bley & Paul Haines - Escalator Over The Hill (1968-1971)
After script:
Carla Bley - 1968 - Paul Haines [JCOA EOTH]
Between "half of artist" and "label" two "spaces".

Original name:
[ECM 8020] Rarum 20 - Selected Recordings (Jon Christensen) (2004)
After script:
Rarum 20 - 2004 - Selected Recordings [ECM 8020]
Between "album" and "label" two "spaces" also.

Original name:
[ECM 2241-2242 NS] Debussy - Preludes, Trois Nocturnes (Alexei Lubimov) (2012)
After script:
Debussy - 2012 - Preludes [ECM 2241-2242 NS]
Here between "album" and "label" fine, but, where Alexei? :)

Also have directory name like this:
[ECM 2197 NS] Ligeti - String Quartets + Barber - Adagio (Keller Quartett) (2013) [24bit 44khz]
After script:
Ligeti - 2013 - String Quartets [ECM 2197 NS]

Sure, I can manually remove all unneeded data at end of name, like: " (1968-1971)" or "[24bit 44khz]"...

With double spacing problem, I can add more one script (I'm a docrtor! :) ) But with other need help! :)

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#4 : 15/12-15 20:00
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On some of the ones you posted as examples, I can't tell the difference between the artist and album.

Can you possibly edit your post and add "expected result" as well so I can try and get a better understanding of what I need to modify to separate them correctly? ^^

If you have excess at the end, I can modify it to remove that as well. For the year... do you want the range to be in it as well? ie, your first example "1968-1971" or just the first "1968"?

Sorry it didn't all work first shot, I obviously didn't know all the nuances of the library you have. I'll try and get it working the next time. ^^

15/12-15 20:00
#5 : 16/12-15 03:03
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Thank you Jon.
I'm corrected library. Now at last position just "year" - four digit (NNNN). At first place "label" string inside [] can contain capital letters, "space" and numbers. But "album" string can have "+", "-", "&", "(", ")" and "," characters.

BTW, for last night I do more then half of job manually via MS Excel and XYplorer.

16/12-15 03:03
#7 : 16/12-15 06:07
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Sorry more than half had to be done by hand. With all that the album and artist can contain, is there any character I can use to differentiate between them? Since the separator is '-' from what you had said at first, if that is allowed in both the artist and the album, I can't find an effective way to get that information separate on the ones that do. =/

16/12-15 06:07
#9 : 16/12-15 09:21
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Ok, Jon! Thank you very-very much!
I will manage this job with my secretary!
BINGO! :) Because I'm a doctor... :)
One more thanks, Jon.

16/12-15 09:21