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#1 : 19/04-11 18:47
Hendrik Malmann
Hendrik Malmann
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Dear forum,
I use advancedrenamer since years and never had a problem. But this leaves me scratching my head :-(

What happened? I resized some files in Photoshop CS4 and used the "save for web and mobiles" command to remove the exifs while saving. Then I wanted to rename the files, just something simple like newname<Inc Nr:01>.<ext>
The preview look good - but the batch reports errors and doesn´t rename the files.

I can rename the original files (before saving them in PS) without any problem.

I uploaded some testfiles at , if someone wants to reproduce the problem.

The computer is running Win7 64bit German. I´m using Advanced Renamer 3.04 now, but it also happened with 2.7x before.

Thanks for any help, Hendrik

19/04-11 18:47
#2 : 19/04-11 20:21
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I have heard about that problem for some time but have not been able to reproduce it and have not have access to sample files with the error. Thanks to your sample I found a problem with renaming jpg files without Exif information. I am not sure if the problem was present with all files missing Exif information or only files saved with Photoshop and the "Save for web feature" (which is great my the way).

I have made an updated version (3.05) ready for download. The problem should be fixed in that version. Please try it out and verify if I am right.

Thank you for all the details. It helped me a lot when trying to figure out where the program did wrong.

19/04-11 20:21
#3 : 20/04-11 10:04
Hendrik Malmann
Hendrik Malmann
Posts: 2
Reply to #2:

Thank you very very much. I installed 3.05 and it works fine! Thank you!

20/04-11 10:04