Using Raw-timestamps in the timestamp menu - how/when?

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#1 : 08/01-16 20:59
Jens Solvang
Jens Solvang
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I have started to rename using AdvancedRenamer with succes using jpeg-files. Now I have come to my Panasonic-camera using RAW-format.
My camera shoots two picturs: jpg and Raw. I want to use the time stamps in the picture itself. Apparentlig it shows in Date Taken for jpg-files, but not for raw-files. Using Item information I can see the 3 time stamps. Date created, Date Modified and Date Accessed.
Copying <ExifTool:FileCreateDate> into New Name I can see this information, but I want to have the information into Date Taken or bette as a possibility in the Timestamp menu.
In the line: Image date and time.

Will this be possible?

Using this forum I have found out how to make same number for both types of files.

I am glad I met this program

Jens Solvang DK

08/01-16 20:59