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#1 : 05/02-16 20:56
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at first thanks for great soft.

file name pattern: <word1> <word2> <word3> (#12345) rrrr-mm-dd

I want to change the position of two last part to get : <word1>....<word3> rrrr-mm-rr (#12345)

tried the rename method with the

(#\d+) (\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d)


\2 \1
but does not to work

can I have some suggestions please

05/02-16 20:56
#2 : 06/02-16 01:10
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Your search string needs a little tweak to be:
(\(#\d+\)) (\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})

Basically you were missing the parentheses. The outer ones in (\(#\d+\)) denotes group 1, and the inner ones are escaped e.g. '\(', so they are treated as literals.

The second group is a bit nicer to read when the quantifiers are used as shown above.

But otherwise, you almost had it!

06/02-16 01:10
#3 : 06/02-16 15:30
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many thanks for the right advice !

06/02-16 15:30
#4 : 03/03-16 04:54
Nashaat Akeel
Nashaat Akeel
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Hi All,

How can I change this file name from 03-Mar-2016 to be 2016-Mar-03


Any suggestion Please.

03/03-16 04:54
#5 : 03/03-16 21:20
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Use this Replace Method:

Text to be replaced: (\d+)-(\w+)-(\d+)
Replace with: \3-\2-\1
Use regular expressions: Tick

Define three groups: the first is a series of digits '(\d+)', the second is a series of letters '(\w+)', and the third is a series of digits '(\d+)'.
Then replace with third group '\3', followed by a dash, followed by the second group '\2' and a dash and then finally the first group '\1'. Effectively, this just swaps the first and third groups since group 2 (the month) is unchanged in the middle.

03/03-16 21:20 - edited 03/03-16 21:21