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#1 : 11/02-16 01:00
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When I load many files at once, the filenames have multiple placeholders that based on the image will get changed to a more detailed description. However, when the files are added initially, the select box for all items is automatically checked. This forces me to manually go through and unselect all items one at a time before I can come back to the beginning and start selecting only those files that I want to change in the first pass, then select those I want to change to something different in the second pass, and so on , and so on.....

It would be really great if there was a "Clear All" that would deselect all items and a "Select All" button that allows us to select all items again. Or a default option that says "don't automatically select all items".

For Example:

- Loaded 150 image files with the pattern "Pack-004.Pic-001.1997.anytime.anywhere"
- 50 items take place during "Summer" (which is the 'anytime' replacement)
- 30 of those 50 take place in NewYork and 20 of those 50 take place in Colorado. (which are the 'anywhere' replacements)

I would like the ability to change the pattern content for "anytime" and "anywhere" on bunches of images without ever leaving the software.

Anyway ..... love this software....just thought I would throw this out there.


11/02-16 01:00
#2 : 12/02-16 21:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
If you right click the list you will see a sub menu called Mark. With the items withing that sub menu you can control which files are checked and which are not. You can use it to uncheck all files in the list and you can also check files based on a specific pattern.

12/02-16 21:59