I can't tell - Does AdvancedRenamer Search for files or not?

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#1 : 13/02-16 22:27
M. Bush
M. Bush
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I must humbly admit I'm quite confused by AdvancedRenamer and it's documentation. I had performed a google search for Windows tools/apps that would search a file system from a base path for all filenames that met a specified set of criteria, then automatically rename them. AdvancedRenamer was one of the hits from this search.

I read the documentation and tried a variety of possible file searches, but unless I'm mistaken (and I very certainly could be!), AdvancedRenamer doesn't actually search for filenames, but rather you must find them yourself one way or another and only then will AR do it's magic.

If I'm wrong about that (and I very much hope that I am), please correct me!


13/02-16 22:27
#2 : 14/02-16 14:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Advanced Renamer will not search for files on your hard drive. It can rename, copy or move files you add to the program, but you will need to find them using another problem. I can recommend Total Commander for this. It has many search features and is also pretty fast.

14/02-16 14:16