Rename with an increment.

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#1 : 21/02-16 18:26
Seth Parker
Seth Parker
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I have files that have names with characters first then a date and numbers after it.


As you can see the date is yyyymmdd and then 4 random numbers after that. Is there a way to remove the last 4 characters before the ext and if this creates a duplicate name then add something to increment it by a letter. Or am I going to have to manually do the increment my self then use Advanced renamer to remove the 4 characters before the extension?

21/02-16 18:26
#2 : 21/02-16 22:20
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Removing the last 4 characters is easy. Add the Remove method and configure it like this:
Remove count: 4
Starting at: 1
Backwards: true
Apply to: Name

Adding and incrementing letter is a bit more tricky. If you can live with an incrementing number instead, you can change the Name Collision Rule dropdown box above the list to "Append incremening number". You might then be able to replace the numbers by their allocated letter. But that will have to be done in a second batch.

21/02-16 22:20