treeaddfoldertree problem - solution, sort of???

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#1 : 06/03-16 04:38
Dan Rourk
Dan Rourk
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Today I suddenly couldn't get Advanced Renamer to open. I got the treeaddfoldertree error message others have reported. Looked at the Forum, found posts about win8.1 and AutoCad, but I'm running Win7 Home, no AutoCad products.

So a little background.
Yesterday I had a fit of neatness. I noticed in Downloads a directory I no longer use. It had in it an old txt file and a Desktop directory with nothing in it. I got rid of the whole thing.

Today the treeaddfoldertree problem started, but I didn't think of any connection to the deleted directory. The error message didn't reference anything that was in there, and as far as I know there's no magical connection between Downloads and Advanced Renamer.

Then this evening I started having problems with WinRar. It opened, but only after an error message saying it couldn't find the deleted Desktop directory.

So I went back and created an empty directory in Downloads with the same name as the one I deleted and then put in it an empty directory called Desktop. Wonder of wonders, WinRar now opens right up with no error and Advanced Renamer also works just fine.

So sounds like Advanced Renamer is looking for something that was deleted, but the error message isn't telling you what it is. Now all you have to do is remember all the files you've deleted since the last time you used Renamer. Good luck!

06/03-16 04:38
#2 : 17/03-16 20:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Your analysis of the problem is very helpful. The problem has bugged some individuals for a long time. I have never really been able to reproduce it. By reading your post I have found a problem with how the folder panel is initialized. For some reason the program crashes when trying to set a non-existing folder as current folder when the program is booting. My tests show that the problem goes away if this procedure is postponed until the program has fully loaded.

The fix will be released with the next version. I hope it works for everyone experiencing the problem.

If this fixes it, a work around until release is to delete all of the program data. Or at least these values from the settings.ini file:

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