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#1 : 16/03-16 21:36
Justin Blanchard
Justin Blanchard
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I have over 6000 folders with numeric names that I would like to change the names on.

I have a list of the numeric folders and next to it the new desired name in a text file.

I would like to exchange the numeric folder name with the corresponding new name.

Catch one, some folders do not get new names, and will keep the numeric name they have
catch two, the text file is not in the same order as the folder .

so ... is there an if functionality built into AR?

if (folder name = folder name, if(isnull (new name), folder name,new name)

any ideas?

16/03-16 21:36
#2 : 17/03-16 21:38
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You might be able to use the CSV file import functionality: port
If not, I think your renaming job is too custom for proper automation.

17/03-16 21:38