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#1 : 03/05-11 15:56
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I'd like replace words in parentheses; can you help how can I do?

(Capital) = (Lower)


Nirvana (Unplugged) = Nirvana (unplugged)
Software (Media) = Software (media)


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#2 : 03/05-11 22:19
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
There are no way to match a pattern and replace it with the same text phrase in lower case. There might but other solutions but that depends on the complete series of files you are about to rename.

If there are only a couple of unique phrases you want to change to lowercase you can simple add a couple of replace methods and replace each case, Unplugged -> unplugged, Media -> media.

You can also add two new case methods where you set the complete filename to lowercase in the first method and only uppercase the first letter in the next method.

If the general pattern of the files differ greatly across the series of files you are unfortunately out of luck with Advanced Renamer. But I will make a note of your problem and have it in mind when I develop the next version. Then I might come up with a solution.

03/05-11 22:19