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#1 : 18/03-16 20:05
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Hello -

After adding a directory of files and filtering by the file name (all the files i'm trying to rename have the same name but in different folders)
Now I want to further filter based on the directory name, so I select Unmark by pattern. I select the tag <DirName:1> I'm interested in the immediate directory containing the file, thus keeping the default index of 1, and then I add a filter i.e <DirName:1>*myfoldername*

This doesn't seem to work -- i've tried standard and regex and neither finds my folders that match

Could you take a look?



18/03-16 20:05
#2 : 26/03-16 20:46
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
The mark/unmark pattern functionality can only be used to match a pattern in the file name and not the file path. Unfortunately there is no way of doing what you try to do.

26/03-16 20:46