Suggestion: Rename after filename ex properties

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#1 : 04/05-11 06:50
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In the 'General'-tab of the file properties, often a name shows up
under file-description.
(it is then also shown in the details-tab)

It may be handy to rename the file after its description, especially when
the initial filename is not clear on that, i.e. when the initial filename
does not tell us what it is meant for, but the filedescription does.

Maybe add this feature to Aren ?
Rename after filedescription if available.

Note: the name under details should be trimmed: often spaces are added.


04/05-11 06:50
#2 : 04/05-11 20:28
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I think the file description value is stored in the files differently depending on the file type. That means that I would need to support a lot of file types which will take quite a lot of effort. I do understand the use for it but have to priorities this very low on my list. If demand rises I will advance the priority to a higher status.

04/05-11 20:28