Suggestion: Slight improvement on "Timestamp"-renaming

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#1 : 04/05-11 07:14
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I needed to redate some files, the other day. Sofar I hardly used this part of Advanced Renamer. When I used it, it involved images (containing EXIF-data).

This time I wanted to redate some 'normal' files.

Whereas for other rename actions, usually, I donot need the Help-files because the preview shows what I am doing, this time, this part regretfully was a bit unclear to me in first instance. It shows created/accessed/modified twice. When I tag all items under 'Apply to' and then select Created date and time, then what ..?

Maybe something cud be added, like:
Use ...
(*) Created date and time
It is a minor thing.

Anyway, I had files that contain dates in the following format:
bla bla filename-ddmmyy.pdf
bla bla filename-Apr-2011.pdf

Under filename pattern, the only options are:

what about adding:

and users can then add their free format.
when using caps it then refers to characters, not numbers.
so MMM -> April

will be Apr (3 characters only)


04/05-11 07:14
#2 : 04/05-11 20:24
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Redating the files with a pattern containing textual representations of the month is not supported. But you can customize the pattern match the pattern present in the filename.

The default pattern is <Year>-<Month>-<Day> but you are free to rearrange it. For your ddmmyyyy file you would want to use a <Day><Month><Year> pattern.

The redating feature is kinda new so chances are that it will be extended with more functionality in the future. Right now only simple patterns are recognized.

04/05-11 20:24
#3 : 06/05-11 07:11
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Thanks Kim,

For good order's sake, when re-reading my post, there is a chance that the first part is a bit unclear.

What I meant is:
in the redate window.

Apply to:


As for the userdefined format, keeping our fingers crossed it will be available some time future.

Keep up the good work!

06/05-11 07:11
#4 : 17/10-13 07:24
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Timestamp: am not entirely sure how this works

Apply to: - that section is clear

But then the 2nd part, again it says
(o) Created date and time
(o) Accessed date and time

Help-File is not too clear about this either.

Does it mean, it takes the created date/time (2nd part) and apply that to - for example - created/modified date and time in the first part?

a. take a list of files - say a dozen - with different created/accessed/modified dates
(for example: I have a list of files with: created/accessed date: 31-12-1899, modified dates: in 1980, 2010, 2000 etc)
b. add method TimeStamp
c. under "Apply to:" tag -only- created date and time
d. click the 6th item "Modified date and time"
e. note that no-matter what is selected/tagged, the modified date of ALL files are about to be updated.

am I doing something wrong here?

possible.. :-)


17/10-13 07:24
#5 : 30/10-13 05:35
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Hope someone can help...

30/10-13 05:35